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Crisis Planning At Livestrong Foundation

November 26, 2020
Case # 1- Discussion Questions
1- Who undertakes management at Just Music?
It’s a company that adopt a concept called managing without managers. They took the
traditional management style and aligned it to what suit the company needs and objectives.
The management structure at Just Music was based on squads, tribes, chapters, and guilds.
Those teams support teamwork activates as well as collaboration and innovation throughout
the members. It also gives the participants an ownership and an enablement sense. To
elaborate, squads are designed to be self-directed teams that have comprehensive business
objectives. A tribe is a squad’s collection grouped by a common business focus. A chapter is
a small group of developers within a tribe who work across different squads. A guild is a
wider community that can include members of multiple tribes. The process goal is to be able
to deliver quickly, high quality products and be able to scale. It is true that the process is
complicated, but it does deliver better quality to the audience.
2- How could Just Music manage poor performing individuals or teams? Do you think this is a
problem at Just Music? Why or why not?
As I mentioned before that the process is very complicated which makes the outcome
services unique and special. I think the way the company divide their management teams is
the indicator on how they observe if there is poor performance or not. However, if the poor
performance exists then it will affect the whole system because each part is connected to
others and immediately that will be shown. It could be a problem in a company that provide
services to the consumers but as the management realize and overcome the mistakes that will
let consumers comeback and try their services several times.
3- Are there any similarities to traditional management at Just Music?
Yes, both methodologies have similar goals. Each management approach has the same goals
such as deliver a high-quality outcome to the audience and make them satisfied. Also, the
structures that the two system go through are similar too.
4- Do you think that this approach to management would be effective within another company?
I think it depends on the company. This approach is suitable for a company anticipate that it
is going to expand rapidly. Moreover, it is made for businesses that just created and exist

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