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corporate social responsinility

September 1, 2020
M5A1: Corporate Social Responsibility
Kettrick Dale
A story broke on the 17th of March, 2018. The New York Times and The
Guardian reported that data on tens of millions of Facebook users (up to 87m of them)
had been scraped through an app called “This Is Your Digital Life.”This app not only
passed on user’s personal information but also their Facebook friends too.Thus, as
more people used the app the more amount of data is collected.And those data was
then used for political purposes which includes Ted Cruz and Donald Trump
campaign. People were not happy about the issue. And Facebook and Cambridge
Analytica were call for the increase regulation around security and privacy of personal
data. Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook apologizes for the issue and suspend
Cambridge Analytica from the platform to address the issue people raised. This issue
leads Zuckerberg in testifying in front of the congress. People were left with a bad
taste in their mouth. And this is the turning point around social media platforms and
their access to our information.
With the said issue, the stakeholders around the world were affected. The issue
requires global standards for Facebook’s corporate social responsibility in order to
satisfy the interest of the stakeholders. The company should maintain privacy policies
that satisfy the expectations and standards with the government and the users. The
users are most important in CSR. They determine the attractiveness and popularity of

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