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June 16, 2021
Chapter 7: Contraceptives and Abortions
The ___prevention________ of conception or pregnancy through the use of device,
substance, or method
Work in three ways: Prevent __ovulation_____, prevent sperm from uniting with the
egg, or prevent implantation of a fertilized egg in the ___uterus_____
Contraceptive methods
o Barrier: Act as a __physical___ barrier
o Hormonal: Prevent ovulation and make it more difficult for sperm to meet
the egg
o IUD (___Intrauterine_____ device): Use chemicals or hormonal changes
o Natural: Require avoiding intercourse at specific times
o Surgical: ___Permanently___ prevent the transport of sperm or egg to the
site of conception
How to choose what works best for you
o All contraceptives have advantages and disadvantages
o Effectiveness, convenience, _cost__, reversibility, side effects and risks
should all factor into choice of method, as well as STI protection level
Fill out your contraceptive chart!
Other contraceptive options
o __Fertility____ Awareness
Prevents conception by abstaining during the ___fertile___ phase of a
woman’s cycle
Calendar, temperature, and mucus based
o Withdrawal
Coitus interruptus
Withdrawal of the penis before ejaculation
__22__% failure rate
Some may choose to combine methods
o Added __STI___ protection
o Increased contraceptive effectiveness
o Added benefits tend to be outweighed by the added effort and
___expense_____, especially for women
What to consider when choosing your method
o Method efficacy
o Health __risk___ and side effects
o STI risk
o Convenience and ___comfort_____
o Type of relationship
o Ease and cost of obtaining and maintaining the method
o __Religious___ or philosophical beliefs

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