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Consumer Behavior

February 2, 2020
Smart marketing begins with understanding the needs of customers and developing a product to
solve this problem or requirement. Many theories have to be amalgamated to find the magic
notion of consumer behavior that will be able to lure customers to the product. Two of the major
psychological influences that constitute consumer decision making is product knowledge and
product involvement. Recently I happened to watch the movie "Steve Jobs" and got to know the
"Newton," which was Apple's first handheld device. The product went into a pitfall because of
its poor handwriting recognition and as well as due to the stylus incorporated in the machine.
Steve Jobs quotes, "when humans have ten styli, there is no need to invent one," operating it
through stylus was cumbersome. If the same product had come with a keyboard, it would have
been a massive success in the market with its ARM processor and expandable memory
capability. Consumer behavior might not be taken as a primary variable during the design of the
product, which leads to its short life.
Social influences on consumer decision making
Social impacts have both direct and indirect effects on the buying process. Direct communication
or "word of mouth" between an individual or other members of the society regarding a particular
decision eg, purchase of a property or a car, etc. Indirect effects will be the individual's society
level, for example, a middle class might buy a Corolla, and an upper middle class might buy a
Culture and subculture
Culture plays a vital role, and it starts from an early stage even in school level. A middle-class
individual should provide the same level of paraphernalia to his or her kid, depending upon the
cultural norms in school or society. The cultural norms have a bigger footprint than ever due to
the increased multimedia platform sharing and interaction between individuals.
Social class
Social class has been practiced from the neolithic ages; we all are differentiated in some manner
with respect to our wealth, skill and power.
There are majorly four different social classes, and many products are marketed as per the
coaches in an aircraft with variable comfort levels.
Reference groups and Families
There are two reference groups
Primary reference groups, which comprise of family and close friends, for example, I used to
consult with my niece to find a good pair of headphones for a Christmas gift. As per my

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