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June 9, 2021
1.1 Purpose
we have set up a company called A'S consultant agency. The company has been
comprised of five founders who have set up this company for the purpose of
helping to improve itself in a better and healthier direction. In addition, our company
has conducted a "smoking ban at public place" campaign where we have created
a campaign for awareness of the dangers of smoking in public places that will track
the health of people around the smoker. The method we use is to produce posters
and some advertisements to attract smokers and societies to know the effects of
smoking and unity in agreement to support smoking in public places.
1.2 Background
smoking ban and public place settings apply situations in our community. we have
embodied an awareness campaign which is why we are united, agreeing to one
goal in our logo holding the key word to achieve one goal. Therefore, we have
organized several activities with the community and started the activity by creating
a poster so that the message to be delivered can be read by the reader and
practiced it.
We choose this title based on current issues that occur in most areas. With this
alternative it helps to alert and inform the smoker that the danger and the risk of
smoking in the public areas that involve many parties around it.
1.3 Method of investigation
The research method we use is the ever increasing rate of smoker statistics
regardless of age and race. In addition, the method is also taken from air pollution
levels and places which are all taken from articles, interviews and observations in
some designated areas.
In addition, we have done research using 5W 1H method. That is what, who,
where, when, why and how. this method is used to ensure the framework and
message delivered to the audience clearly and intelligently.
1.4 Scope
Our main focus is the community that sits in the housing and community areas that
need to be agreed and support each other to be harmonious to ensure that smokers
not only smoke in public places but quit smoking with support.
2.1 What
A's consultant agency is an agency that provides wisdom and assistance to all walks
of life who want assistance in terms of consultation or activities that benefit the public.
A's consultant agency has launched a campaign called smoking ban at a public place

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