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October 3, 2018
Sipxaysana Xayaxang
World Religion
Essay One: Confucianism
Instructor: Patricia Darling
Date: 9/20/2018
During 5th and 6th century BCE, there are many religions were founded around the world.
Confucianism was one of them. Confucianism is about social harmony. The principle of the
philosophies was to cultivated human to become virtuous. Chinese people have been followed
these philosophies from generation to generation and it had contributed to China political and
education system.
Confucianism was founded by Confucius, Chinese honor him as a teacher, political
hypothesis (Confucius, 2009). Confucius was born during Zhou dynasty, around 551 BCE. It was
the political chaos period (Fisher, 2014). His father passed away when he was three years. After
that he lived with his mother which was his first teacher (Confucius, 2009). Confucius
committed to educating since he was teenager. He believed that education is an essential
component for life. Also, it should not be a border line between rich and poor people, the doors
should be opened to all people who decided to learn (Confucius, 2009). Confucius said it is very
important to keep learning about everything because we do not know every single thing
(Confucius, 2009). Confucius was a humble person, he never claimed his knowledge. He always
said that he was a transmitter who transferred ancestor’s knowledge to new generation
(Confucianism, 2017). Confucius concerned about political the most. He said that to formed a
well-structured government system. It has to start from bottom up. Also, people should have
enough comfort in term of enough food and safety. Once they satisfied, rulers will earn the faith

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