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Travis Gardner
Prof. Staniforth
Comp. Government
02 December 2018
America Against Bulgaria, Which Country is Better?
Why exactly did I choose to compare Bulgaria and the United
States? To start o) , these two countries have similar governmental
structures. The United States has a constitutional federal republic
and Bulgaria has a parliamentary republic. I was born in Bulgaria. I
thought it would be kind of cool to compare to the United States. I’m
also interested in learning about various European governments and
how they vary from one another. I don’t remember that much about
my “home country,” and I thought comparing the two would be an
excellent opportunity to learn something new.
Bulgaria has a rich history of the role and structure of its
government. To start o), The Bulgars, an Asian Turkic tribe, merged
with their neighborhood Slavic occupants in the late seventh to form
the Bulgarian state (World Factbook). In 1878, Northern Bulgaria
became completely independent from the Ottoman Empire in 1908
(Infoplease). In 1990, Bulgaria held it’s 7rst multiparty race since
the fall to the Soviets. Also in 1990, the state of Bulgaria started
pushing toward political majority rules system and a market
economy (BBC). The United States also has a rich history, originally
supporting slavery. America’s government has been noticeably more
stable compared to Bulgaria. I’m going to go into detail later. Now
that you know a brief history of Bulgaria and America, let’s talk
{some works are original}
about their administrative structure and their electoral systems. My
criteria for rating the following are based on, administrative
transparency and oath of o; ce.
Since the 1990s Bulgaria has been a Parliamentary Republic.
Truly, this kind of government is huge a standout amongst the most
complex around the world. Bulgaria's administration is more similar
to a semi-presidential framework in light of the fact that the
President has the job of head of state, and the PM completes the
post of head of government. The nation's managing body, the
Council of Ministers, is proposed by the president in meeting with
the diverse get-together of the National Assembly and with the
dominant part gathering's contender for PM (Dimitrov, et al). The
President and VP are elected on the same ballot by absolute majority
popular vote. There are two rounds to this elections; once
candidates are elected, they can serve up to a 5-year term (World
The structure of Bulgaria’s government is quite interesting. It is
structured kind of like a semi-presidential system, however, the