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February 19, 2021
Understanding Relationships: Coming Together, Coming Apart
Unit Assignment # 1 CMS 100
To coincide with our unit on Interpersonal Communication (Chapters 8, 9, & 10) you are
asked to choose ONE of the following assessment activities to complete. Worth up to 50 points,
this assignment is designed for you to apply information from the textbook to your own real-life
experiences as well as to reflect on how communication functions in such relationships. Please
remember that what you write is confidential…no one reads these but me (or your facilitator),
so feel free to be completely honest and as open as you feel comfortable being as you write.
Refer to the course calendar for the submission due date/time. I am expecting 3-4,
double-spaced (typed pages, one-inch margins all around, 12-point Times New Roman
font). That means you must have at least ¾ of the third page for the paper to count as 3
pages, and you should write no more than 4.5-5 pages total.
If you cite sources, document them, using APA 7th edition. A title page (or APA style
cover page) is not needed. I will grade based on the content of your paper and your
use/abuse of the English language as well!! Remember, you can schedule a consultation
with the Noel Studio if you need help with writing or revising this paper. Here is how you
schedule a consultation with the Noel Studio:
Here is a quick tutorial on how to use APA 7th edition:

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