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It is stated that illegal immigrants have been involved and convicted for crimes ranging from petty theft
to rape and high profile robberies and murders. We disagree with this statement. The Malaysian Crime
Prevention Foundation senior vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said that the most crimes were
committed by Malaysian and there were just a minority of criminal activities conducted by the
immigrants (The Star 2020). Besides, the illegal immigrants do not dare to take the risk to conduct
criminal activities because they are strange to the law and jurisdiction in Malaysia. The feeling of
unfamiliarity to the consequences of the punishment pull them away from attempting to commit the
criminal activities. As immigrants, especially the illegal one, they would probably hide themselves from
the relevant authority. Being arrested by the police would increase the chances to expose themselves to
the relevant authority, Immigration Department of Malaysia. The illegal immigrants would cherish the
chance of earning higher wages in Malaysia and they will concentrate on their work and not try to
conduct criminal activities. This is supported by the World Bank Report as it states that the migrant
labour boost the economy of Malaysia (The Strait Times 2015).
Chong Soon Kai
Personal Experience and Thoughts
Based on my opinion, the society in Malaysia prejudices against the group of illegal immigrants.
Most of the Malaysian have the bad impression on the illegal immigrants as they think the reason
for the immigrants being illegal is they intend to commit criminal activities in Malaysia.
However, the truth is the illegal immigrants are actually boosting the economy of Malaysia,
bringing the positive effect to the society and community of Malaysia. It cannot be denied that
there is still a part of the illegal immigrants bringing the problem such as criminal activities or
contagious diseases, but there is just a minority of them pulling down the reputation of the illegal

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