Climate change

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Attention, the world is ending! Little by little mother nature is dying and trying to
defend herself. She is weak and is giving signals to her habitats so they can try to rescue her.
However, they do just the opposite. Instead, they destroy trees, adding more chemicals to
greenhouse gases. They burn fossil fuels and everything else. The forests cry in pain and are
covered in blood because many animals are being killed, their homes are destroyed, and
thousands of species have disappeared. Humans have ruthlessly uprooted everything around
them to build their houses, their factories, regardless of the damage they are doing to the
environment. The consequences of these actions over the years have begun to appear. For
example, temperatures have risen unbelievably, glacial ice is melting, and the number of forest
fires has also increased. Climate change is one of the worst problems that is affecting the planet
and humans are responsible for the effects caused by it being felt with greater intensity to the
point of endangering life on the planet.
Climate change is the increase in temperature on Earth. This phenomenon has been
increasing in recent years and the more the Earth is polluted, the worse it will be. One of the
main causes of climate change, as was previously mentioned, is human activity. For example,
history has shown that in the 19th-century humans created the Industrial Revolution and they
started to use a large scale of fossil fuels for industrial activities. As a result, many people
moved from rural areas to cities, and many vegetation areas were cleared to become houses
and factories. All this process contributed to the rise of greenhouse gasses such as methane and
nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. Those gasses cause climate change by trapping heat, and it

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