CJ 302 Assignment

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cj 302
CJ & FI 302 Assignment 2 Fall 2019
1. Give an example of a criminal justice research question, and the research hypothesis.
Why is it important in personal terms?
2. Why is having a research question important?
A research question is the motivation behind the research (it guides every step
in the research endeavor)
The research question synonymous with the research problem, answers why
the research was conducted, indicates expected outcomes and answers
statements through the research process
3. Describe the different purposes of research.
Exploratory research-is appropriate when little or nothing is known about a
Descriptive research- describes specific aspects or elements of the topic
Explanatory research- provides explanations about topics (analyze and fully
understand the concept)
Evaluation research- asses a program based on objective criteria
4. A researcher interviews college student about their experiences with plagiarism.
Although the researcher has collected email addresses, a promise has been made to
never reveal those to anyone. Has the researcher promised confidentiality or
anonymity to the students? How might the project be changed to fulfill both
confidentiality and anonymity?
The researcher promised confidentiality. The researcher does not have a way
to identify the research participants.
If the researcher wanted to promise anonymity as well, it would require the
researcher to stop collecting identifying information to identify participants.
5. Name and describe the principles of the Belmont report.
CJ & FI 302 Assignment 2 Fall 2019
Respect for persons- participants must be completely voluntary and based on