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Church Ethnography Paper

July 17, 2017
Church Ethnography Paper
Let’s look into the concept of this ethnography of the southern Baptist religion. For the past
couple of weeks I have attended a couple church services. I have noticed that the churches are built in
the center of black communities. This has caused the development of Christianity in the black church
presenting racial and religious lifestyles related to African-American culture. Historically Christianity
dates back to Biblical times during Paul and other apostles and disciples travels spreading the word of
Jesus Christ. Things changed a(er slavery when Europeans came and bought black slaves from Africans
who sold them or they were captured by the whites. A(er bringing them to America most used slavery
as a means to justify their behavior against the slaves and also to “control” them in a supposed “civil”
manner. They were not true followers of the Lord. Blacks were then able to attend church and for the
most part had to take what they were initially taught from the white pastors and teach it amongst
themselves until they were able to read for themselves and soon the “black church” evolved even more.
African Methodist Episcopal Church, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, and Missionary
Baptist are African American churches that are dominantly in the south. I chose to evaluate the
Missionary Baptist Church that represents the African American culture. They all have di.erent cultures
but worship the same God. The only di.erence is that the Christian Methodist Episcopal and African
Methodist Episcopal churches call their deacons Stewarts. These churches are all very common and
historical with very many similarities, which allows members of these di.erent cultures to commonly
commune and also worship under the same roof multiple times a year.
Next I will speak about the service I attended which was a missionary Baptist, and the occasion
was Family and Friends day; a service in which members of the church bring family or friends as visitors.
The service begins with devotion where the deacons of the church sing and pray for about thirty
minutes. Then the service transitions into a pleather of songs lasting about eight minutes. Then as the
service winds down the pastor then stands up and begins to start his sermon and message for the
a(ernoon. A(er he is finished speaking the surrounding members of the church then begin to stand up
and speak about their families and introduce them.
During this service I decided to evaluate the deacons for the first part of service, and compare

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