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Christianity and psychology

February 24, 2018
Samuel C Mendenhall
Professor Jeff Paschke-Johannes
ENGL 111-00H
Can You be a Homosexual and a Christian?
You can be a Christian and a homosexual; but, contrary to cultural opinion science has never
proven homosexuality to be a part of a human beings biological or genetic constitution, until
conclusive scientific evidence has been brought forth, it is therefore a behavioral choice and or a
result of one’s developmental environment conditions. After a decade long scientific study of
genetics in twins Dr. Neil Whitehead PHD. Has concluded “gays are not born gay” (HD life IN
2015) However to classify homosexuality as a sinful behavior is debatable. An individual cannot
be willingly in a constant state of unrepentance and in any sin and still claim their heart to be
converted to Gods will over their own willful and fleshly desire. Defining what constitutes sin is
one of the core issue of this investigation and argument. You can’t be an active practicing sinner
and be a Christian.
To be a Christian you must believe God desires a relationship with you and has provided a
way to reconcile your sin with his holiness. Recognizing His grace and mercy was demonstrated
in His son’s death and resurrection for you personally, the sinful human heart is converted by
Gods goodness to a state of constant repentance and seeks to turn from sinful desire. Any lust of
the flesh, or lust of the eye, or pride of life is considered to be a sinful opposition to Gods Holy
righteousness. The Christian life in essence is a progressive act of overcoming desires of the
flesh and Earth. It is an ongoing sanctification process. There are many different Christian
interpretations of scripture. Many different denominations of Christianity, of whom all feel that
they hold the correct eisegesis of scripture. Some would hold space for all sinners under
antinomianism, and others would be quick to condemn any who sin differently than themselves;
all will claim to hold the ultimate truth on the subject of what it is to be a “true Christian” and if
one can in fact be a practicing homosexual and still be saved by grace through faith.
Homosexuality provokes strong emotions and opinions on both sides of the issue of morality. Outside
of The Christian church, American culture has recently become much more accepting and tolerant of the
homosexual lifestyle. The recent Supreme Court decision to recognize that the constitution guarantees a

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