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Child Raising

November 6, 2018
Jared Ross
Jared Ross
SOC 200
Platts, Todd
January 29, 2019
It’s fair to say that there are many ways to raise a child. Some are considered
good and others may be found upon by society. However, sociologist have been able to for the
most part categorize two distinct parenting methods used by parents either consciously or
subconsciously that are affected by sociological forces beyond the control of the parent. In other
words, the way a child is raised into a member of society transcends them based on their parent’s
social origins (Lareau) In other words a child’s future is a reflection on the way they were raised
and the way they are raised is based heavily on their parents social origins. Annette Lareau is
accredited with define the two classifications of childrearing that sociologist use to identify and
categorize the way in with a child is raised, these two models are concerted cultivation and the
accomplishment of natural growth.
Lareau describes Concerted cultivation in a chapter of the American Sociological Review
as follows
The middle-class parents, both white and black, tend to conform to a cultural logic of
childrearing I call "concerted cultivation." They enroll their children in numerous age-
specific organized activities that dominate family life and create enormous labor, par-
ticularly for mothers. The parents view these activities as transmitting important life skills
to children. Middle-class parents also stress language use and the development of reason-
ing and employ talking as their preferred form of discipline. This "cultivation" approach
results in a wider range of experiences for children but also creates a frenetic pace for

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