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Cheap vs High Quality Tablets

October 17, 2014
Cheap vs High Quality Tablets 1
Cheap vs High Quality Tablets
Hector A. Morales
English 111
Instructor: Dr. Yvonne Bullock
Thursday, January 30, 2014
Cheap vs High Quality Tablets 2
Cheap and high quality those are the words of every tech nerd’s dream, to have a high
quality product and at the same time to be cheap but with many tablets hitting the market world
there is no way to choose one tablet without comparing it to another one . The past weeks I have
been looking through several stores and I stumble upon two incredible astonish tablets; the
Samsung galaxy 3 and the apple IPad Air.
Both tablets designs are premium, in one hand we have the IPad tablet, this tablet is made
of high-quality aluminum and comes in two beautiful color variations. Now this is not the only
thing great about the design of this tablet but remarkably this tablet is compact and lightweight
considering the sizable 9.7” display and as a whole, using the IPad Air will be a pleasant and
satisfying experience.
Meanwhile, Sascha Segan explain in pcmag.com that the galaxy tablet 3 can’t give you
that much with regards to visual appeal with its generic look plastic body and heavier weight.
This tablet doesn’t stand out in any way considering not only the IPad Air but many other tablets
making the IPad air the best tablet to get design wise.
As we were talking about design the display of each one tablet came into place and let’s
face it everyone that is looking for a tablet wants a high quality display. According to Kypreos
from trusted reviews “The 9.7” display of the Apple Air totally has the upper hand against the
Samsung tablet, thanks to its higher resolution (2048x 1536 for the IPad Air versus 1280 x 800
for the Samsung galaxy).” The results of this comparison is that everything looks much sharper
and cleaner on the IPad Air, due to its higher pixel density of 264 ppi. The pixel density of the
Samsung tablet 3 stands at just 149 ppi.
Cheap vs High Quality Tablets 3
The IPad Air’s display is also better calibrated. Both lighter and darker levels will be
exactly as light or dark as they need to be. On the galaxy tablet everything except the brightest
levels is darker than it should, making for an unnecessarily contrast image. Colors are also better
balanced on the IPad Air. The Delta E (which is the color error) values for Apple’s tablet are at

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