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COMM 3306
Dr. Natalia Matveeva Learning Module 3
Note: Complete all your work for Learning Module 3 in this file. Then post Quiz 3 responses
for Learning Module 3 in Submit Quizzes by the specified deadline.
Covered Materials
Work on your own. Study the following materials and respond to the questions below.
PPP: Conquering the Comma (PPPs and Supplemental Reading Materials)
Chapter 2: Interpersonal Communication and Emotional Intelligence
PPP: Interpersonal Communication and Emotional Intelligence (PPPs and Supplemental
Reading Materials)
Common Interview Questions (PPPs and Supplemental Reading Materials)
Quiz 3
Note: This is an open-book quiz, but it is an individual assignment and a learning tool.
1. Which of the following terms best describes the process of sending and receiving verbal
and nonverbal messages between two or more people?
a. active listening process
b. verbal communication process
c. interpersonal communication process
d. decoding process
e. encoding process
2. Emotional _____ refers to a situation in which emotions control our behavior, causing us to
react without thinking.
a. filtering
b. hijacking
c. blackmail
d. noise
e. intelligence
3. Events that cause strong emotional reactions are called
a. triggers.
b. stressors.
c. noise.
d. distracters.
e. filters.
4. Which of the following involves having the discipline to hold off on current urges in order
to meet long-term intentions?
a. empathy
b. self-awareness
c. self-management
d. relationship management
e. sight-reading

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