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COMM 3306
Dr. Natalia Matveeva Learning Module 2
Note: Complete all your work for Learning Module 2 in this file. Then post Quiz 2 responses
for Learning Module 2 in Submit Quizzes by the specified deadline.
Covered Materials
Work on your own. Study the following materials and respond to the questions below.
Composing Good Paragraphs (PPPs and Supplemental Reading Materials)
Ch. 16: Employment Communications
PPP: Employment Communications (PPPs and Supplemental Reading Materials)
Quiz 2
Note: This is an open-book quiz, but it is an individual assignment and a learning tool.
1. The purpose of cover letters and résumés is to
a. show how you meet the needs of your prospective employers.
b. provide a detailed insight into your personal interests and hobbies.
c. allow you to communicate informally with your prospective employers.
d. inquire how an organization might meet your career goals.
e. exaggerate your achievements to get an interview.
2. Which of the following is the first step of the job application process?
a. developing a reference list
b. developing your ideas
c. analyzing your audience
d. setting up the message structure
e. sending out your résumé
3. Which of the following will help you identify your interests, abilities, and attributes?
a. speaking to people who have the position you are interested in
b. working on your weaknesses
c. developing hobbies relevant to the job you are applying for
d. completing a self-inventory
e. researching the needs of your potential employer
4. Which of the following is an example of an ability?
a. analytical
b. reliable
c. people-oriented
d. good communicator
e. flexible

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