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December 22, 2019
1-What should Sipho have done differently?
Sipho should tell the mining administration that he deserves to be pro-
moted and should not give the person 500 bribes because this act is against
morals and values and should not be done because he is a manifestation of
fraud and will be in an embarrassing position if exposed and will be le-
gally punished.
2- In what way could the mine management have provided support to him,
prior to his wrongful act?
It was discovered by the Department of Mines that the assistant staff is ac-
cepting bribes from the employees to be promoted and they are not deserv-
ing due to the many persistent employees who work hard and respect the
ethics of work and work and refuse to deal with bribery, so the mining de-
partment should promote these eligible employees and sipho was worth
the promotion if it had not been Bribery was awarded and Wadden was
then dismissed from service.
How would you have acted had you been in a similar situa-
If I was in a similar situation: I will preserve the values and principles that
I have learned throughout the years of my life. Honesty, respect for work
and professional ethics are among the most important principles that must
be adhered to because cheating, lying, and forgery do not last long and
self-respect is something that should not be dispensed with because if oth-

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