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catholicism persecution

March 24, 2019
Laitano 1
Angela Laitano
C. Martinez
10 April 2016
Roman Catholicism
Christianity is the biggest religion in the world and a split from Judaism in the first
century created it. Back in this time The Roman Empire controlled the vast majority of land and
sea, having one main language and used Greek theology to create one religion. The Romans
created safe roads that connected all the land in the empire, facilitating the spread of Christianity.
The leaders of the Roman Empire were extreme, but they maintained peace throughout the land,
enforcing their pax romana. When Christianity was created, there was stability and peace in the
Empire. The Empire had no religion in specific, many believed in pantheons, but the belief in
them had largely ceased. In the empire, there was a wave of religions but one of the major ones
was Judaism. Christianity was created from Judaism as a sect but then it became the biggest
religion in the world. “Christianity began as a sect of Judaism in the first century C.E. , when the
Roman Empire was at its peak and Augustus Caesar ruled (Hopfe, Woodward, and Hendrickson
Jesus Christ was the founder of the Catholic Church. “The Roman Catholic Church is
founded by Jesus Christ”(The Timetables of History). Jesus himself said in the bible: “ And I tell
you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not
prevail against it” (NRSV, MATT. 16.18). Many try to argue that Jesus Christ did not found
Catholicism, but the proof is evident. When Jesus died, Catholicism suffered. He left Simon
Peter as leader. Christianity grew immensely and new rules were created, but a division occurred
Laitano 2
between Eastern and Western Christianity. The Church Jesus founded was now separated. Each
side had their own rules and they grew apart.
The Western Christianity was powerful. Roman Catholics believed in purgatory and how
people could try to help friends and family to pay their penance. Leaders of the church were
blinded by greed and power; they started selling indulgences in prices many could not afford.
Going against the rules of the Catholic Church was extremely forbidden because it was looked as
treason; it could sometimes be punished by death. A man called Martin Luther decided that what
the Church was doing was not right, and he decided to write 95 theses and nailed it to the door of
the church. He created a new separation called Protestantism, and the church split again. If

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