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Case Study Galanz

February 23, 2014
Case Study
Galanz was originally a down feather prodution company employing only a few people.
The company produced down feather products to ship overseas. Due to trade issues and
quotas Liang decided to enter the electrical appliance market by making microwave ovens.
This helped the company meet export quotas and to be able to receive public funding for
the company.
The analysis uncovered in this report deal with how Galanz had to change their operations
management as their company grew and how they were able to compete in this
competitive market and be extremely successful.
Galanz has been successful because of their ability to use their resources effectively
establishing itself as a recognized brand in a domestic market through consistent
competitive strategies of cost management. They did not originally have a high advantage
in the market because they were lacking the production knowledge they had the advantage
of low cost that they were able to work on developing this skill and were able to become
successful at producing not only microwaves with imported pieces but eventually they
began making their own magnetrons when they were having difficulties getting them from
the competition. They also used price wars in their domestic market to increase their
profits and to become a better producer of microwaves than their competitors.
The order qualifier and order winner factors of the Galanz company are that they
successfully transferred their business from making one type of product to making a
different product. They were able to transfer all their resources from the original

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