Case In The News

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Jennifer Dominguez Case in the News Quesonnaire 2 September 15, 2017
1. Mike Kaufman is leading the women’s networking group at Cardinal Health not only
because he is a powerful executive but also due to many other reasons that lead him to his
position. Kaufman, was able to obtain the head position following the statement made by
women who said they work better when men are involved, “it turbo charges the system.”
He has also encouraged other men to be a part of the women’s networking group because
he believes that men must be involved to change the balance of power.
2. The catalyst program was a great way for male managers to realize the struggles faced by
many women in the workplace. For instance, Doug Hillary, a vice president at Dell was
unconsciously scheduling conference calls at the same time one of his female workers
was dropping her children off at school thus making her mornings way more hectic.
Many other male managers were also able to benefit from participating in the catalyst
program, the program began an initiative for them to be aware of the the obstacles
women face, to ask whether they are accommodating their schedules to their family’s
needs, as well as to pay more attention.
3. Having white men participate in and/or lead the corporates diversity efforts will be highly
effective as well as have many advantages. The men involved are likely to encourage