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Malleon, Ronald Joshua
Morcilla, Mary Jane
Teanila, Andrei Christian
Villafuerte, Ashlyn L.
Case Study Analysis 2: Doing Business in Singapore
The Singapore is one of the four Asian Tiger economies and a Global hub for trade
and investments. They consistently ranked amongst the top in various international
indices for its efficient government and legal system, the high quality of judiciary and the
consistency of its application of law.
The government of Singapore has a great strategies to build a strong economic
environment to promote the international trade through its various ministries and agencies
of statutory boards by promoting economic growth and create jobs, so as to achieve
higher standards of living for its citizens, protecting Singapore's international trade
interests, in particular, with a view to enhance access to global markets for goods,
services and investments; and providing a good understanding of the current state for
policy formulation and refinement general philosophy of economic. The most important

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