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Business Plan for a restaurant- Dimension

February 7, 2014
Executive Summary
Dimension is a fusion restaurant that blends Vietnamese and South American cuisines. We
will place Dimension strategically in the quaint college town of West Chester in order to
appeal to multiple categories of people. With students being the predominant clientele, we
will aim our menu prices to be lower than our competitors. However, there are other
customers we plan to appeal to as well and they include locals in the town, staff of the
university as well as people who live in the surrounding areas.
We will strive to have the quality of ingredients match with the experienced service. In
addition to providing food, we will offer entertainment. This is not common in any of the
restaurants within the surrounding area. In providing entertainment through a piano bar, we
will be able to showcase the talent of students at West Chester University’s theater
department and in return will get business through doing so via word of mouth of student
Through a SWOT analysis, we were able to determine that there is a significant need for
this kind of concept in West Chester. Our prices and quality of food and services will be
our strengths that will pair well with the opportunity to have a type of cuisine the area has
never seen before.
Because the start up of restaurants are always very costly, we determined that if we rent
out an existing space that already was a restaurant, we will not only save in a mortgage,
but also avoid purchasing expensive kitchen appliances.
Business Concept
Dimension is a Vietnamese/South American fusion restaurant and piano lounge. We
decided on a small college town, West Chester, Pennsylvania, and focus our marketing on
the college students and young professionals in the area. Because Dimension is vastly
different from competing restaurants in the area, we will draw people in with our unique
charisma, formed by the inventiveness, passion, and creativity that created this restaurant.
Being that oOur restaurant is unique completely original in cuisine for its food and design,
it will that piques university students’ curiosity. Besides, we Owant our customers will
experience the unexplored flavors that a real fusion restaurantemerge from the
combination of dissimilar cuisines in the United States. . There is no need for our
customers to go to another country to enjoy a new taste.Dimension will be a restaurant that
people come to whether they are seeking solace or want to have a nice night out. The
warm, welcoming The dcor and the sounds of the piano will impress our customers as a
lavish lounge, perfect for anything from an intimate date to a group outing. These elements
combined with our BYOB policy and traditional Vietnamese design along with Southern
American tapas menu, decoration and concept of “tapas" (small plates) will make
Dimension will be thea perfect ideal place to relax ing place after a stressful hardworking
day.long day or as a late night indulgence.
The cost to start one’s own restaurant with a capacity of 90 seats averages $80,000 to
$100,000. As a new brandbusiness, Dimension has found out a way to lower the start-up
cost. Our founding members have been searcheding for a restaurant to rent. There are a lot
of restaurants that have closed down for many reasons such as location, customer service,
and management. Thus, our target is to search for a location where a restaurantWe aimed
to find a closed restaurant in a good location closed and remodel it into our ownit to meet
our business concept. In doing soThis way, we will not have to worry about location issues
or spend a superfluous amount of moneyon purchasing leasing an entire raw spacea space,
building a and kitchen and purchasing appliances. Leasing a restaurant space in the town
of West Chester usually costs between $2,500 and $3,500 and includes a full kitchen. In
not purchasing necessary kitchen appliances, we can save $20,000 to $35,000 in start up
West Chester will be the perfect place location to position us in the marketfor our market.
It is a college town and students want cheap good foodgood food for a good price, rather
than the not overpriced awful pre-prepared cafeteria food that universities are famous for
providing notorious for. There are about 20 restaurants within the surrounding West
Chester University with 6 being Chinese, 2 being Mexican, 2 being Thai, and about 10
being fast food/American pub style establishments. Our food will be unique to the area, as
and this will be our first advantage. a Our fusion restaurant concept is a mix offeaturing
Vietnamese and South American cuisines. Our customers will value the immense variety in
our menu, including an extensive range of flavors and textures and the choice of getting
full entrees or creating a meal by ordering various tapas. be able to choose different
combination of foods to create their entrée or chose from already pre-chosen entrées.
Customer’s dishes can be customized based on their tastes. The diversity of college
students will offer a larger number of customers willing to try something out of the West
Chester normand their tastes help bring more customers in the restaurant. Each Dimension
will also benefit from the nationality has different kinds of holidays/traditions throughout
the year and with ouhundreds of student organizations fostered by college campuses, as
ourr low prices,quality food and agreeable pricing will make our restaurant a prime
selection for group meetings and celebrations. they will be able to celebrate them at our
Our first mission is to build a trust among customers. WeBecause it is important to gain
our customers’ trust, we will guarantee our and provide food and customer service to have
theof the highest quality that matches our customer service. We will make sure that we do
everything we can to ensure every customer leaves satisfiedour restaurant meets our
customer’s satisfaction every time they walk in and out of the restaurant. If the food is not
as good as they had expected, we will make another dish that they will enjoy in order to
show our loyalty to our customers. Dimension is a place where all ages meet their
Since it is a new brand, this kind of restaurant is suitable either for sole proprietorship
(family business) or partnership only. We decided to categorize Dimension as sole
Industry Analysis
a. Goal:
Our first mission is to attract the customers to our restaurants and encourage them to give
us a try. In doing so, we will build up our costumer’s loyalty through our high quality food
selection and experienced staff. With our food being moderately priced at an average price
of $12.50, customers will be attracted by not having to spend a lot on an excellent, tasty
b. Focus:
Our main target is university students and staff. This is the first reason why we choose a
college town. Students are willing to try different types of foods. Students are also more
inclined to eat with their friends than alone. So, they will want to go out to eat and be in an
atmosphere where they feel like they can relax with their friends. Staff alike wants to be
able to go somewhere other than on campus dinning to eat a well priced and well cooked
meal. Furthermore, the college town we chose does not have a lot of restaurants and the
new restaurant will grab the students’ attention. However, for them to keep coming back,
we need to make sure that our consumers are satisfied with the food. When our food
satisfaction is met, students are more likely to bring more friends and introduce the
restaurant to other friends.
c. Culture:
University area is a mix of different cultures. However, they all follow one rule in the
United States. The food quality is important as much as the customer service. Many
consumers are looking for a special space to dine in with their friends, their lovers, and
their family. A good customer service will make them feel comfortable just like their
home. What can be better than a comfortable feeling in a countryside restaurant with
special traditional foods?
d. SWOT analysis
+ Strength
• Food: Our food is unique in this area. There are many Chinese restaurants, Mexican
restaurants, and American restaurant but there is not a fusion restaurant.
• Parking Lot and Space: this restaurant can have up to 150 consumers in at one time,
which is bigger than the other restaurants in the area. Moreover, it has a parking lot which
makes it easier for our consumers.
• Convenient for to go: in addition to dining in our restaurant, we offer a take-out service
for people who don’t have a time to eat in. Also, we cook the food fast and can make a
meal within 8-10 minutes to allow fast and efficient take-out. Furthermore, we also
provide delivery for those students who do not have access to car or public transportation.
+ Weakness:
• New brand: Our restaurant is new. It takes time to get the consumers to give it a try.
Some people might want to stick with the food that they already know.
• Vietnamese and South American food: Some people are not familiar with Vietnamese or

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