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Business and the Law

June 15, 2021
Group Project
BUSI-3324 Business and the Law
Scenario #3
Suzy is currently a career prosecutor, but she is not as fulfilled as she
used to be and wants a change. In her spare time, she loves to bake.
She bakes cookies, cakes, pies, and brownies. Her smores bars are the
best in town, and, as a result, she has been selling her baked goods at the
local farmer’s market. After some encouragement from family and friends,
Suzy decides to start a store-front bakery in Midland. She decides to purchase
a little old dilapidated house on Andrews Highway and open a storefront
where she will sell her baked good, do custom party cakes, and teach a
variety of classes. Oh man, she is going to need a lot of flour!
-Choose an entity form, and if dictated by the type of entity chosen, “form” the entity
by choosing a name, a state of formation, drafting a certificate of formation or
incorporation, and the governing document of the entity, such as bylaws, a partnership
agreement or a company agreement. If you have chosen an entity with limited liability
protection for the owner, you may also likely need a written memorandum
Of organizational meeting, or to hold such a meeting and prepare notes from the meeting.
Negotiate a supply contract with a distributor for an item or items that Suzy will be
need constant access to for her bakery.
______________________LEGAL OFFICE MEMORANDUM___________________________
Document Ref: DBQLJ-8NU42-LFNLK-RUREM Page 1 of 11
To: Stacy Baran, Senior Partner
From: JDM, Attorney
Re: Suzy’s Smores n’ More Bakery, New Business Entity
Date: June 10, 2021
As of today, June 10, 202, JDM attorney is stating in this legal memorandum that our
services were requested by Ms. Suzy Davis, she has decided to start a new business
“Suzy’s Smores n’ More, LLC”. The new business is identified as a bakery where Suzy
Davids intends to sell her handmade treats.
Suzy’s goal is to purchase the residence located on Andrews Highway, Midland
TX. Since the place mentioned does not count with materials needed to begin the
business desired, it is expected to implement a negotiating process as well as the
investment and risk of the buyer. The purchase of the property will be in stages giving
immediately a sole ownership to Suzy. The selling party will guarantee a smooth

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