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November 11, 2014
Peng 1
Peiying Peng
Professor V
Stop School Bullying
Bullying actually refers to the unequal power between individuals, including a
series of humiliation and oppressions. It has existed on campuses for a long time.
Bullying in school causes a great result of mental and self-esteem issues and even
results in suicide among victims. Stop bullying in school depends on changing the
attitude of offenders, and helping victims to move on. Besides, schools and society
should take responsibility to teach younger generations the way human treat each other.
Many victims have died in suicides because of bullying. “Bullying as True Drama”
written by Body Danah and Marwick Alice, is about a student named Jamey Rode
Meyer suicide, and reporters did some research after that. The bloody case makes
people think about school bullying. Stop school bullying should consider three parts:
family, school and society.
The attitude of offenders relates to family. Develop the child’s personality has
closely connection to their family. Especially when parents have significant physical
and mental development impacts. Less or never had parents’ care, the children more
likely become offenders. Besides, bullying is a learning behavior, bullying attacks
usually have a record, and the attack comes from imitation of their parent’s attitude:
rebuke, punish or hurt others. The lack of are at home, child was easy to imposed
painful and suffering on others. In older to vent their emotion or get others to pay
attention to them.
Peng 2
For example, according to Body Danah’ research “Teenagers say drama when
they want to diminish the importance of something….But mostly we learned that young

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