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Brief Introduction:
Alpine Works Cycles is a large multinational outdoor sporting equipment manufacturer that
focuses mainly on the manufacturing of bicycles. Apart from that, they are also an Original
Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for outdoor sporting goods and cycling equipment. With the
headquarters located in Bothell, Washington, United States of America, the company has
approximately 310 employees, 29 of which are sales representatives of the company. The
primary distribution channel for Alpine Works Cycles through the retail stores of their resellers.
These resellers are located throughout the world in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the
United Kingdom and the United States. Alpine Works Cycles also sells to individual and
corporate customers worldwide through their e-commerce platform via the Internet.
You are required to Design a Multi-Dimensional model with business analytics solution for the
company Alpine Works Cycles using their Alpine Works Cycles data warehouse resource
(provided). This is to ensure that Alpine Works can understand the business current sales
performance as well as details related to their customer performance, and provide new insights
based on the visualization findings.
Current Situation:
Over the years in operations, Alpine has a large amount of data residing in their clustered

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