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Branding And Communication Pocess

August 6, 2019
For this week I choose to do three brands of smartphones apple, android and sony . in this essay I will
break down what phones they sell, prices and how they are competitors of each also which brands go
beer with CPM and why.
Apple is a well known brand and most people in the world have a apple product weather it’s a computer,
a phone or even a watch to use for exercising. Apple is an American multinational technology company
there headquarters is located in Cupertino California which does everything from designing, developing
and sells consuming electronics and etc. Apple has always made their products stand out they have
always been different and made each product connect to each other. They have a differentiation strategy
to target a section of consumers. If you look at apple you see they have a certain style to it they stand
out which makes more people want to buy there products, if you look at other consumers product you
can see that none of them have as many futures as the apple product. They only thing I 'nd bad about
these products is that the prices are very high for no reason, but people pay it because of the features it
brings and what they can do that no other companies phones can do.
Android (Samsung) they might not be the same as apple but they do have the best quality control

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