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Book Review of Messiah

December 13, 2017
Caldwell 1
Book Review of
The Messiah by William Varner
Kenzie Caldwell
B101: Old Testament Survey I
Presented to
Dr. Grisanti
September 22, 2017
Caldwell 2
The most extravagant commitment made from God is that he would send His one and only son
into the world to offer all of mankind the chance to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, and to be
forgiven of all evil-doings. Dr. William Varner wrote The Messiah: Revealed, Rejected, Received
over a twenty-year period in attempt to “investigate how the Promise of the Messiah was
revealed, then how Israel rejected Him, and also how Israelites and from the Gentiles have
received Him by faith” (xii). Varner’s exploration throughout the Old Testament and New
Testament reveals much evidence to support his ideas, and helps one attain a thorough
knowledge of the unknown Messiah. Dr. Varner explains the Word of God in a light that most
may not comprehend. To understand the coming of a Messiah, Jesus Christ who lived a perfect
life and died for mankind on the cross, and then God to conquer and reign for eternity is
imperative. Three essential roles make up the Messiah: the prophet, the priest, and the king. Jesus
appears on earth to be a Prophet, and to portray to humanity his miraculous, perfect, and Holy
life, and then to die on the cross to save us and resurrect from the dead. He then appears in
Heaven as His role of Priest, and then appear a second time as His role as King to reign over
everything that exists. Jesus’ ministry and the way His supporters believed in Him made it
obvious that He combined each of these roles in His own valuable person and work. Dr. Varner
proposes ideas of the promise of a Messiah by using Scripture and a detailed elucidation of the
nature and the particulars of the promise.
The promise of the coming Messiah is exposed very early on in the Old Testament in
Genesis 3:15 where God promises to put a stop to the entrance of sin in the world through a
future offspring of the woman. Throughout the rest of the Old Testament Scripture, his original
promise in Genesis 3:15 is established and extended so that the total picture of the coming
Messiah is filled in and revealed more precisely and clearer. In Genesis 3:15 we are told that the
Caldwell 3
deliverer will come from the seed of a woman, and from there many more verses in Genesis are

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