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Black Fathers

September 29, 2016
African American Fathers in America
Hall 
African American Fathers In America
By: Nicholas A Hall
Bowling Green State Universitiy
African American Fathers in America
Hall 
Society has many different views on African American fathers in America
today. African American fathers all play a very important role in every child’s life,
rather their in the child’s life or not. There are millions of children that are being
raised with out a father, but there are also fathers that will stay and support their child.
Today in society there are more African American fathers not supporting their child,
and this is why the media gives all African American fathers the image of being a
deadbeat. African American fathers has always been viewed by society in a negative
way, but its bad when the African American fathers that are there to support his child,
is viewed by society in the same way. Rather a child’s father is absent or present in his
or her life, could become a impact to the child’s life, in a bad way or either a good
way. Not all children that have their father absent from their life, will become
unsuccessful in life, because there are children that use the absents of a father to
motivate them to be successful. Society is putting the blame on all African American
fathers, for the reasons for high school dropouts, killings, pregnancy, and drug selling
in the black communities and most of these problems are faced by children with
absent fathers.
African American Fathers in America
Hall 
Nicholas Hall
26 November 2013
Black Families HDFS 1070
African American Fathers
African American fathers, has always played a very important roles in the
African American society, which are marital, provider, and child-socializing roles. All
African fathers share the same strengths to raise his child, because this strength that
they all share could determined the outcome of a child’s future. There are millions of
African American children being raised everyday without fathers in their life. When
growing up without a father in the black community , the mother is always
responsible for supporting the child alone. There have been way too many children in
today’s society being supported by a single mother in the household, because the
father either decided to abandon his family. The Black fathers in today’s society are
always being criticized by the media for the causes of teen pregnancy, high school
dropouts and bad behavioral problems from African American children raised without
fathers . Not all children who are raised without a father have to witness these
problems in life. But, the question is, how could this one problem with African
American fathers being absent from their child’s life, be what cause these problems
in the black communities?
African American Fathers in America
Hall 
All children should have the same opportunity to grow up with both parents in their
household, but there will be some fathers that will not be a men to handle his
responsibilities to be their to support his child. African American fathers play a very
important role in black families and in the black communities as well, but most
people doesn’t realize how much one person being absent, could be the biggest
impact on a child’s life.
Article 1:African American Fathers Support and Leadership
All African American fathers should take on there responsibilities to support
their child, no matter how bad the situation is. According to Rick Banks(2011) in the
journal article, What’s The Problem With Black Fathers, we have too many men
making too many babies that they don’t want to take care of. African American
fathers play a very important role in every child’s life because without having a father,
could be either a bad impact or either a good impact on a child’s life. Nowadays there
are more African American fathers that are absent from their child’s life, but no
always dose this influence the child in a bad way. Also according to Rick
Banks(2011)in the article What’s The Problem With Black Fathers, the primary reason
that black fathers fail to parent their children is that they do not marry, and stay
married to, their child’s mother Most times children that are raised without both
parents , will become a better
person in life because, they will see their mother struggle everyday on here own, to
African American Fathers in America
Hall 
support the family, and this will cause children what to work as harder in life to help
their mother. African American children that are being raised without a father, will
eventfully begin to feel less loved and cared for, but for some children, this will
motivate them to want to be successful and to work a lot much harder than others for
success. It is important for the mother and father to have a strong relationship with
each other in order to work together to support their child. This could be one of the
reasons, why some relationship doesn’t have children in till marriage. Not being
married before having a child, could lead to, a child without a father, because if the
relationship was to end, the father is most likely not to have a strong relationship with
his child, and he will be less likely to support the child.
Article 2: African American Fathers Impacts a child’s life
According to the article The Role of African American Fathers: An Ecological
Perspective Families in Society , by Harriette P. McAdoo and John L.McAdoo (19p3),

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