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One of the things that I learned from this course is from “The Bridge''. There's a lot to
learn from the bridge and everyone can learn something from this no matter what point
of life you're in. In this parable it is trying to teach us that we need to focus on
ourselves. I also personally get the message that we cannot help others until we help
ourselves. There are many unspoken rules in my family now. For example, you've
never backtalk, you never curse, smoke, drink, sex outside of marriage, and many
more. Those things never got talked about and were more of a “you should know''. My
parents also had different roles in my life. For example, my mother was there to nurture
and care for us and provide our food and clothing. For my father his role was to work
and to be able to provide the money for us to do those things. One thing we talked

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