Before Giving Care

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Before Giving Care
Lesson Objectives
List four conditions that must be present for disease transmission to occur.
Identify two ways in which a pathogen can enter the body.
Describe how to minimize the risk of disease transmission when giving care
in a situation that involves visible blood.
Describe the difference between expressed consent and implied consent.
Describe the purpose of Good Samaritan laws.
List six situations in which moving a person is necessary.
List five limitations to be aware of before attempting to move someone.
Describe six ways to move a person.
In an emergency situation, your top priority is to ensure your own
This includes protecting yourself from disease transmission and
knowing how to properly move a person.
Know some basic legal information before giving care.
Preventing Disease Transmission
Bloodborne pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, are present in blood and
body fluids, and can cause disease.
You must learn how to protect yourself and others from disease transmission,
especially while giving care to an injured or ill person.

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