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Hello Marley,
I am really glad to hear from you. It is great to meet you when you and your parents come to
my country: Viet Nam next month. There are several foods you and your parents must try when
you come here are: Pho, banh mi, bun nuoc leo, che, etc.
In my opinion, the best time in my country is in the autumn and next month is the autumn too.
It is really cool to travel to Da Nang, Phan Thiet, Hoi An and Ha Noi. The weather in the autumn
is very cool and don’t have rain or too sunny.
I think you should take a few of dress and what clothes help you more comfortable because the
weather at that time not really hot.
I think you and your parents should try foods in wherever you come to and visit the famous
places of the province you come.
I am looking forward to hear you,
Error: Viet Nam , looking forward to hearing
Nowadays, eating is not for survive. Eating is also to help you enjoy your weekend with friends
or your family in the luxury restaurants.
I don’t have favorite restaurant for my own because I have never eaten in the restaurant

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