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October 9, 2019
Fall 2019
BSAD C131-CRN: 72694
Use as much space as necessary to complete these questions. One-sentence answers will get you
no points. Place your name on every page or use the header. Save this submission as a rich text
format in the file name style as you submitted at the beginning of the semester.
Essay and Short Answer 100 Points
1. A bar and restaurant located directly next to the edge of the campus at Arizona State
University is called "The Dash Inn." The Inn is a favorite stop for students and is generally very
crowded in the afternoon and evenings. When a student uses a credit card to pay his or her tab at
the Dash Inn, the receipt for the student and the credit card data have recorded automatically at
the top, "The Dash Inn Bookstore.” Why do the receipts have this inscription at the top? What
ethical problems do you see with this inscription?
2. Explain the attorney/client privilege.
3. Explain the jurisdiction of courts within one nation over businesses from other nations.
4. The Lake Nixon Club near Little Rock, Arkansas, had a racial restriction on the use of its 232-
acre amusement area, which included areas for swimming, boating, sunbathing, picnicking,
miniature golf, and snack bars. Discuss how an interstate commerce connection might be found
so that the federal civil rights act could be used to invalidate the restriction.
5. Discuss what made Earl Devaney such an ethical standout in the federal government.
6. The Department of Homeland Security has asked the Internal Revenue Service for the tax

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