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Assignment 2

April 28, 2021
MGMT 783
Arsalan Hameed
Assignment 2
A. Dax, 16, bought a diamond engagement ring from a local jewelry store for $3,000.00. The jeweler
was aware of his age. He made a partial payment on the ring of $1000.00. Ten months later, Dax broke
off the engagement, his girlfriend refused to return the ring. Dax asked the Jeweler to repossess the
ring, but the jeweler took no action. Dax sought to disaffirm the contract for the ring, and the jeweler
argued that he could not do so without returning the ring. What will be the outcome here?
There are two things to look and consider in this situation which are very important for any
contract between two people for anything that are age and payment. In this situation Dax is a minor and
the jeweler has entered a contract with a minor. The other important thing is the payment, as a partial
payment towards something is also considered entering a contract to purchase something which is a
promise by one person that they will pay for the item over a period and in this case the jeweler has also
accepted the deposit on the ring. The contract is considered voidable as Dax is a minor and being a
minor Dax can void this contract at any time while it always stays binding for the jeweler. There was
also no adult present to share the responsibly as a co-signer. The jeweler should have not entered a
contract knowing that Dax is a minor.

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