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Summary-Analysis of “Exposing the Perils of Eating Disorders”
Hernández Barrios Ingrid Ameyalli
City University of Seattle
March 11th, 2018
Summary-Analysis of “Exposing the Perils of Eating Disorders”
At a study developed by the Mayo Clinic, it is indicated that a 36% increment every five
years is happening since 1950´s at eating disorders (Brody, 2000). Brody at “Exposing the Perils
of Eating Disorders” tried to make the audience realize the real eating disorder´s problem by
mentioning victims, causes and some treatments to finally gain viewers for the Nova series
program “Dying to be thin”. In this paper, I will summarize and analyze the article of Brody to
determine if the author archived her purpose of convincing the audience to watch the eating
disorders program.
Brody´s article starts with her opinion of Nova series´ plans of airing their eating
disorders program. She introduces the topic by mentioning that while most people consume
excess food at the months of November-January, there are a few parts of the population that
starves themselves with the purpose of not gaining weight. The article continues with some
testimonies of people with eating disorders such as the case of Erika Goodmen, a dancer that
suffered osteoporosis because of anorexia. Some of the causes of eating disorders are given along
the article as notations from experts. The causes mentioned were celebrity culture influence,
career and social pressures, personality issues and traumatic problems in the life of a teenager,
including divorces, breakups or other pressures that develop the disorder as a refugee. The next
section of the article talks about drug treatments that act as serotonin inhibitors to help reducing