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Apto Lightweight Case

August 22, 2015
The Apto Lightweight Case is a multitasking device designed for tablets, Figure 1.1 shows
a labeled example from the Infinite Peripherals website. This is a device that is seen being
utilized on a day-to-day basis in the contemporary business world. The basic functions
include a credit card reader, a barcode scanner, and ergonomic protection for tablets’ user.
Although this device has revolutionized certain business models point of sale systems, it
still has room for improvements. The point of sale system (POS system) is referring to the
point in any business transaction where there is a payment being made, the majority of
POS systems will include at minimum a cash drawer and credit/debit reader.
Businesses utilizing the Apto Case have found a change in the flow of their stores and the
interactions between customer and employee. For example at Verizon Wireless these
devices are used as the main POS system. Each employee will use their iPad mini, with the
Apto case, for most all transactions including pulling up a customers account to helping
them check out and pay for items. It changes the whole flow of the store because now
instead of walking up to a computer or some type of register, employees can walk up to the
customer and take care of everything right there. For customers this is more convenient
and simultaneously creating a personalized vibe, as opposed to the more traditional
standing behind a desk/computer, which has more of a professional yet distant vibe. In the

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