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Apple Inc. is one of the best companies company of all time considering the smart phones and
consumer electronics that has been a leading innovator in many possible aspects. The company
was founded by Steve Jobs and others and the majority sales for the products include smart
phones, computers, tablets and other related accessories. Major markets include Asia, Middle
East, North America, South America, Europe etc.
The mission statement indicates the aspect of qualitative focus reflecting upon the welfare of
“To bring the best personal computing products and support to students, educators, designers,
scientists, engineers, businesspersons and consumers in over 140 countries around the world.”
If this initiative based statement is taken into consideration then it won’t be say that the trends
evolve with the passage of time. So, it possesses the adaptive ability valuing the consumer
perspective in major ways. Emerging trends lead to a change in business environments and
Apple possesses the ability to these changes. In short, it possesses the ability to adapt to the
market trends.
Similarly, the vision statement is as follows;
“To make the best products on earth, and to leave the world better than we found it.”
So, if the vision statement is considered then it is important to realize that there is relevancy
between the vision statement and social responsibility for the corporate. Their vision statement
reflects that they aim at accomplishment for maximum potential serving as one major goal for
the organization.
Now, if the important/hot products by Apple are considered then these MacBook’s, ipads, iPhone
and air pods. Reflecting upon the market existence and consumerism, it is important to realize
that Apple has been successful in maintaining its current position both in offline and online
So, through this case study, we will be reflecting upon the organizational performance
management for Apple where financial and other relevant data will be considered. In addition to
this, we shall reflect upon the different aspects of risk management, stakeholders, consumerism,
CSR etc. After analyzing all this data, we shall reflect upon the different improvements that can
be made for better sustainability and productivity.
Analysis of Existing Organizational Performance Management System in Consultancy
Case Organization
Now we shall analyze the different aspects of Apple for having a better insight on the
performance management where the aspects of employee efficiency contributing to the
organizational efficiency will be realized(Uys & Jessa, 2013).
Organizational Performance Management and Performance Measurement:
First of all, it is important to reflect upon the strategic plan that is currently being focused by
Apple Inc. So, the implementation of strategy on their part has been successful in many different
aspects considering the fact that how the objectives can be recognized and fulfilled for
facilitating the consumers in every possible way. So, the first part of their strategy is determining
the trend or consumer based perspective. After doing so, operational activities are planned in
accordance with the trend. These activities are planned in such a way that these identified
perceptions by consumers keeping in view the market can be fulfilled in every possible way.
Upon completion of the planning, the implementation process takes place after which the
outcomes are recorded. In short, if the performance management for the Apple is considered then
it is important to realize that a quality collaborative cooperation exists within the department
leading to an increase in efficiency and a profitable outcome.
An important factor to consider is the aspect for the revenue growth. The major revenue for the
corporation comes from only a single brand which is the corporate itself as it doesn’t have any
other subsidiaries or brands operating under the brand name(Vergara, n.d.). So, the main product
line of Apple is the consumer electronics majorly computers but other supporting businesses
include operating system i.e. Apple O.S. upon which the functionality of smartphones, tablets
and laptops is based upon. In most of the times the company has served as a leading innovator

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