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An understanding of Predestination

May 15, 2017
Claude Arielle Paultre
An understanding of Predesnaon
Liberty University
Understanding the doctrine of predestination can be a little difficult for some people to explain.
To have been chosen before the foundation of the world by the Lord for a particular purpose is
something simply amazing to say the least. In a theological term, predestination can be described
as the divine prophesy of the things that will happen. Since the core elements of the doctrine of
predestination can be found in Scriptures, in this paper, I will explore the topic of predestination
and give an exposition that is in accordance with the bible.
The topic of predestination is difficult for most people to comprehend. To believe that we were
chosen before the foundation of the world, we must first understand and assume that before the
foundation of the world, eternity existed and there is a higher being who is in charge of all
creation. For those who believe that there is a higher being they also need to believe that the
bible is our absolute. For many centuries science has progressed and has become very advanced.
There is very little that cannot be proved scientifically in our generation. There is however one
thing here on earth that science cannot properly explain, in terms of what it is, and that is gravity.
Scientists have performed experiments to know what gravity does, but they have yet to explain
what it is. The same can be said about predestination, we as people can define it but many people
have yet to understand what it means and how it is even possible. This is because predestination
happened in eternity and no one here on earth right now has had access to eternity, we can only
assume what it looks or feels like but we do not know it though. Then there are evolutionists who
would strongly argue against the view point of predestination because it opposes their hypothesis
which claims that we as people.
Biblical Evaluation
In the bible to be predestinated by God means to be chosen by him before hand for either
ministry or certain tasks, not only for eternal life, and those who are predestinated are also called
the elected. The prophet Jeremiah testified of his ministry and commission, which were
predestinated to him by the Lord. In Jeremiah 1:4-5 the bible says the following: “Then the word
of the Lord came unto me, saying, Before I formed thee in the womb, I knew thee; and before

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