An Example of reflective writing using Gibb’s Gibb’s Reflective cycle

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An Example of reflective writing using Gibb'sGibb's Reflective cycle
It is described by Lucas (2012) that critical reflection is a tool for finding, challenging, and
assessing our deeply held beliefs about our knowledge and how we interpret our experiences,
fears, perspectives, emotions, and behaviors. Using Gibb'sGibb's reflection model, the
information will estimate our plans, evaluations, and possible suggestions. In this reflection, I
will use Gibb's reflection model to evaluate the description of the module and feelings about it.
Moreover, the study will discuss the evaluation and analysis, conclusion, and action plan.
This course taught me how to conduct research and how to develop excellent study abilities. I
studied this module and learned about the essential components of research, such as analytical
thinking, critical reading, study specifications, and paraphrase. Moreover, I also learned how to

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