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Agent Zero

October 9, 2019
Agent Zero
English comp
Sept 5
Agent Zero is a book written by Jack Mars. It is about a college professor named reid he is a
single father of two daughters Maya and Sara. In the start of the book it starts off with kids
coming back from summer break and to try to get them awake professor Reid talks about
pirates and tries to get everyone involved. But the majority of the book is about outside of his job
him ands his wife along with her two daughters they all lived in Virginia and after his wife passed
away they moved to New York. One night he saw three men outside of his home they looked
middle eastern they knocked on his door and as soon as he opened one of the guys try to grab
Reid but he lunged back and ran back in. Reid wanted to get the three men away from his home
so he ran out from the back door the three men followed he ran to a pay phone when he tried to
call 911 one of the guys grabbed him and through him in the back of there van. The chapter
ends him asking them why they are doing and them Reid getting a needle to his arm and
passing out.

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