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Arab open university
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Advance Accounting

February 24, 2020
Course Syllabus
Faculty of Business Studies Arab Open University
Arab Open University
Faculty of Business Studies
Academic year: 2019/2020
Semester: First Second Summer
1. Program: BA in Business Studies
2. Track: Accounting
3. Course Code: B326
4. Course Title: Advanced Financial Accounting
5. Course Credits: 8 credits
6. Pre-requisites: B293 - Intermediate Financial Accounting.
7. General Course Coordinator, GCC:
8. Branch Course Coordinator, BCC:
9. Instructor/ Tutor:
10. Text Book (s):
Beams, F. A., Anthony, J. H., Bettinghaus, B., & Smith, K. A.
(2012). Advanced accounting. Boston: Pearson.
Larsen, J., Eldeeb, M. S., & AbdelFattah, T. M. H. (2014). Modern
Advanced Accounting: Special Edition for Egypt. McGraw-Hill.
11. Other Educational Resources (periodicals, software, Course webpage,
PowerPoint slides, .etc.)
Any supplementary material which is provided by the course chair
12. Course Description (Module Specification):
This is a Level 3 course and students need to have a good knowledge of
financial accounting. Ideal preparation for this course would be our Level 2
course Intermediate Financial Accounting (B293).
13. Course Aims / Objectives:
The overall aim of this module is to help you to learn to use accounting for

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