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Ad Argument

November 22, 2020
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14 November 2020
Critical Analysis of White Squad Ad
Advertisements play a significant role in articulating corporate message to society,
enabling the firm to appeal to its existing and new consumers. This phenomenon is attributed to
these marketing campaigns' ability to leverage consumer emotions and perceptions regarding
specific products, appeal to market needs and consumer dynamics, and retain this interest in the
particular product, leading to market conversion (Kendrick, Fullerton, and Kim 141). Due to
these functions, ads provide the primary avenue of achieving and retaining a market presence in
the competitive consumer segmentation. As a result, companies need to develop robust
marketing strategies that effectively address societal issues without entrenching discrimination,
bias, or prejudice (Schleifer and DeSoucey 220). Such an approach optimizes the role of these
campaigns in achieving market goals. One such strategy is the "White Squad ad" released on
YouTube. Although there is a subtle propagation of stereotypes in the ad, it offers a robust
approach to addressing racial discrimination in society through reliable social interventions that
leverage white privilege.
The ad begins by acknowledging a societal issue, providing the business need that needs
to be addressed. A company's ability to highlight the case during the advertisement process
appeals to the audience's emotions, enabling the firm to leverage these feelings (Zhang et al.
2107). Such an approach leads to useful consumer conversation since they are swayed by the
firm's ability to identify the issue and raise its adverse impacts on society. The advertisement
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achieves this goal by acknowledging racial inequalities in society and their adverse effects on
minorities. It notes that racial identity disadvantages minorities in society, exposing them to
prejudice at all organizational levels. This assertion in the ad coincides with the dark reality of
American society. Despite its acclaimed multiculturalism, racial disparity and bias are extensive,
permeating all aspects of society (Carter et al., 208). This phenomenon disadvantages people of
color while elevating whites through white privilege. By acknowledging this problem's
existence, the ad raises awareness of social evils and the need for extensive reforms that resolve
this phenomenon.
After identifying the problem, the advertisement proceeds to offer a solution,
demonstrating its concern on societal issues. Although recognizing the situation enables the ad to
appeal to the audience, it is the solution that connects the product with the consumer needs. Such

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