Activity Plans

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Trinity Valley Community College
Courtney Grogan
150 Writing Activity Plans
1. Identify the primary purpose of this plan. How did you decide?
The primary reason for this plan is for children to improve their fine motor skills. I decide
this based on the materials and the activities, children with their use of fine motor skills to make
shapes and lines with the small pebbles and stones.
2. Based on principles of good planning, suggest at least three ways to edit the plan to
improve it. Explain your revisions.
First, I would change pebbles to rice, it is easier for young children to make shapes and
lines out of, but also a different texture to feel. Still helping them develop their fine motor skill
and also easier for them to grab. Second, I would add some tools students can use to make their
shapes and letters, after they have used their fingers. They are learning the motions of making the
letters with different tools. Third, I would make sure the instructions were thoroughly talked
about and give examples and a demonstration to clearly show students what is expected of them.