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ACC 211-402H Principles of Accounting I

July 9, 2018
ACC 211-402H Principles of Accounting I ( Summer 2018) Jun 4 to July 28
Professor: Mary D. Shaw Class Hours/Office Hours:
Phone: 757-240-7182 T/Th- 5:30-8:15/5:00:5:30 (before class)
E-mail: [email protected] Diggs Room 148
Blackboard: www.tncc.edu/MyTNCC
Required Materials:
Financial & Managerial Accounting (LL) (w/Connect+) Edition: 7th, ISBN: 978-1-30-7065428,
Authors: Wild / Shaw / Chiappetta. Publisher: McGraw Hill Education 2 Penn Plaza, New York, NY
10121. An electronic version of the text book and your connect code was purchased as part of
your tuition. You do not need a hard copy version of the book unless you want one!
1) Calculator (for class problems)
2) Paper, Pens, Pencils, Folder or Binder to hold notes and handouts.
3) Computer with Microsoft Office, Word, Excel software to access Blackboard, and McGraw Hill
Connect for homework, or other assignments. You will need Firefox or Chrome web browser
and Adobe (pdf) software if you are going to do your homework on-line (optional).
4) A working printer to print out Syllabus, assignments or problems – you will need the syllabus
to submit cost reimbursement for your book.
Course Description: Presents accounting principles and their application to various businesses.
Emphasizes corporations and the study of financial analysis. Includes and introduces cost/managerial
accounting concepts. Lecture 3 hours per week.
Attendance: Attendance for every class session is strongly recommended. Roll will be checked at the
beginning of each class period. When arriving after roll call, it is your responsibility to assure that the
“absent” is changed to “attended”. A student missing more than 20% of scheduled class hours, unless
there are mitigating circumstances, may be dropped from the course in accordance with school policy
for withdrawal. If a student stops attending class without following through with the procedures for
withdrawal, an “F” will be assigned at the end of the semester. Students who do not make significant
progress as stated in the student handbook will be dropped with a “W” within the semester drop
dates .It is the responsibility of the student to review all materials covered and complete all
assignments missed during his/her absence. Find a classmate that you can contact for information in
the event you miss class. It is not the instructor’s policy to hand out lecture notes nor is it a policy to
repeat the missed lectures during office hours. Thomas Nelson Community College is committed to the
success of all students. Numerous campus support services are available throughout your academic
journey to assist you in achieving your educational goals. Thomas Nelson has adopted an early alert

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