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Major Headings
All organism are made up of
What is a organism?
An organism is a living things
that can function on its on.
Note to remember: All living
things have cells
All cells originated from
others. Pg 84
Prokaryotic cells are
structurally simple, but there
are many types of them.
What are the different types
of prokaryotic cells?
One type of prokaryotic cell is
Notes to
remember:Eukaryotic cell
have nucleus which control
so like the brain in the cell
Prokaryotic does not have
Plasma membrane is what
surrounds the cell
Cytoplasm is jelly fluid in the
Ribosomes is where the
proteins are made
Cell wall maintain the shape
of the cell like the walls of a
Flagellum like the tail of the
Eukaryotic Cells have
compartments with
specialized functions
What are the specialized
functions of the
compartments that a
Eurayotic cells have ?
The specialized function of
the compartments that a
Eurayotic cells have is for
example chloroplast helps
plants and algae convert
sunlight into more usable
form of energy .
Notes to remember:
Eukaryotes are single celled
or multicellular organisms
consisting of cells with a
nucleus that contains linear
strands of genetic materials.
The cells have common have
Every cells is bordered by a
plasma membrane
What is plasma membrane?
A plasma membrane is like a
security of a cell it regulates
what goes in and out of the
Notes to remember: this what
makes up a plasma
membrane phospholipids the
head of the lipids is called
on the surface of the plasma