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Gleick Prologue
Claude Shannon (1916-2001)
Working for Bell Labs
Had bigger concerns about the electronic/information age
What exactly were they making? And how to measure it?
o‘The fundamental problem of communication is that of reproducing at one point
either exactly or approximately a message selected at another point. Frequently
the messages have meaning.’
oShannon came up with a “bit.” “A unit for measuring information.”
A Theory of information
The growth of electronic info meant that Claude Shannon needed a way to understand
info and systems for the transmission of intelligence
Shannon – Weaver model of communication (look it up)
Once we had the bit, it became clear that information was integral to everything else
oNow we’re dealing with TMI; we compress it, stream it, sort it, match it, :lter it.
But how can we make sense of it?
Gliek Chapter 15
New News, Every Day
Too much info?
oNot a new complaint or concern
oOED defined “information fa$gue” in 2009
This $me it’s di=erent…
oThe speed at which information has begun to proliferate has no historical
oEmail didn’t arrive until 1982, promoting “the movement of information through
o“People get too many messages, which they do not have $me to read. This also
means that the really important messages are diAcult to :nd in a large Bow of
less important messages.”
oIs forgeCng now as important as remembering?
So where should we turn for information?
oFacts used to be dear: now they’re cheap
oWe used to wait for information; now “real $me” is considered a birthright
oinformation comes to us at light speed, a symptom of pene…
Change is everywhere
oNew information technologies always alter the existing landscape