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January 10, 2021
PS2150: Week 4 Assignment
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Developments in health care: understanding innovations and considering non-
traditional treatments including alternative, complimentary and integrative
This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s modules
and readings.
It is important for you to learn about developments and current practices in
health care, as well as alternative, complimentary, and integrative medicines
to gain a holistic understanding of the healthcare field. Allied healthcare
workers play an important role in all types of medical settings, and must also
be prepared to answer patient questions about each of these different health
care options.
Health Care Through the Ages
Answer the following questions.
1. Who emphasized a code of behavior for physicians that was the foundation of medical ethics?
Select only one answer.
Louis Pasteur
Joseph Lister
2. Which technique helps patients explore the unconscious part of the mind?
Select only one answer.
group therapy
3. What do holistic practitioners focus on?
Select only one answer.
brain chemistry
infectious diseases
mental illness
the total patient
4. Describe three common factors associated with individuals who survive an illness that was
expected to be terminal.
(Refer to Chapter 20)
a. Fear of dealth
b. Depression and anxiety
c. Stay active and involved
What is Healing? Who is the Healer?
Answer the following questions.
5. According to the textbook, research has shown mind-body techniques to be promising in treating
which of the following:
Select only one answer.
chicken pox and measles
HIV/AIDS and gonorrhea
cancer and anxiety

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