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12 Angry Men

June 6, 2021
There was time when I served on a jury and when we were put into the deliberation room
before anyone could ask, there was a younger lady that spoke up right away. She was
volunteering to be the foreman. Since it didn’t seem like anyone else was interested, we agreed
to let her be the foreman. Since I knew of her personally, I knew she was one who was very
outspoken and could be confrontational. Even though I knew this about her, I would not let her
opinion change my view. However, if she or anyone else presented evidence that I did not catch
then I would be sure to pay attention to the information. As during the deliberation process, she
was in a leadership position, I don’t think she did a very good job of leading. Just like during the
movie, she was motivated to get the deliberation process over and done with it as soon as
possible. Not that I think that made her a bad leader. The reason I thought that she wasn’t a good
leader is because of how she delivered the information. She would talk certain people in a
condensing way when trying to find out if they thought the defendant was guilty or not.
The movie had several different conflict styles. I feel that once they were in the
deliberation room, all the jurors expect one had a main goal, to find the defendant guilty. This

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