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Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

978-0073403267 Chapter 28 Answers to Textbook Assignments

April 6, 2019
Part 2: Answers to Textbook Assignments
Questions for Comprehension
2.1 What are the five kinds of audiences? (LO 2-2)
2.2 What are ways to analyze your audience? (LO 2-3, LO 2-4)
Choose empathy first. Then identify the audience’s knowledge, demographics, personality,
2.3 What are three ways to adapt your message to your audience? (LO 2-5, LO 2-6)
2.4 Emphasizing the importance of audience, marketers frequently say, “The customer is
in control.” To what extent do you feel in control as a customer, a student, a citizen?
What actions could you take to increase your control? (LO 2-1 to LO 2-3)
Student answers will vary. Though teens and 20-somethings drive most consumer purchases of
2.5 If you are employed, which aspects of your organization’s culture match your own
values? What kind of culture would you like to join when you are next on the job
market? (LO 2-1 to LO 2-3)
2.6 Why do internal audiences, especially your boss, sometimes feel more important than
primary audiences outside your organization? (LO 2-1 to LO 2-3)
Of course, students may answer this question in any number of ways. A common answer would
2.7 What are your options if your boss’s criteria for a document are different than those of
the primary audience? (LO 2-1 to LO 2-3)
When it’s not possible to meet all audience members’ needs, writers should focus on gatekeepers
and decision makers first. If the boss falls into these categories, shape the message to fit his or
2.8 Identifying Audiences (LO 2-1 to LO 2-4)
1 Andrea’s initial and gatekeeper audiences would be the investment services company she
2 Carmale’s primary audience is the corporation that can approve her application for the
3 The council members are the primary audience, while citizens, mayors, union
2.9 Choosing a Channel to Reach a Specific Audience (LO 2-1 to LO 2-4)
Students’ answers will vary, depending on how they define each audience (in terms of size or
Acceptable answers are:
1 Direct mail, on-site posters; print ads in general newspapers; radio or television ads.
2.10 through 2.13 (LO 2-1 to LO 2-4)
Analyzing a Discourse Community
Analyzing an Organization’s Culture
Analyzing the Audiences for Noncommercial Web Pages
Analyzing People in Your Organization
Students’ answers will vary. Whatever their response, expect a detailed, reasoned answer. For
A possible solution for Exercise 2.10 is included on Appendix 2-E through Appendix 2-H.
Discuss this solution with students, sharing the following points:
A possible solution for Exercise 2.11 is included on Appendix 2-I through Appendix 2-K.
Discuss this solution with students, sharing the following points:
Note also that these examples can be used to show students the style and format for memos.
Students should focus on both the content and the expression of information on the Web pages
Should students choose to analyze the college as their organization for Exercise 2.13, encourage
Make sure the student uses discretion—few people enjoy being scrutinized without their
2.14 Persuading a Lender to Defer Paying a Student Loan (LO 2-2)
This is a topical problem to assign given issues with repayment of student loans. Consider
In addition, some students may pile up substantial student loan debt assuming that a high-paying
15 Sending a Question to a Web Site (LO 2-2, LO 2-3)
Students’ answers will vary. Make sure that students accurately complete all information
You might consider having students read Module 13, pp. 226-227, prior to working on this
2.16 Convincing Your Organization to Allow Flex-Time for Students (LO 2-2, LO 2-3)
Students’ answers will vary. Students should identify benefits to both the organization and the
Employee benefits include having less stress, more incentive for personal development, more
2.17 Announcing Holiday Diversity (LO 2-2, LO 2-3)
As the workforce becomes more diverse in many countries, especially the United States, a policy
Successful answers will stress that all employees are being given equal access to ten holidays but
A potential follow-up assignment could be to ask students to write a memo to the boss
Polishing Your Prose: Comma Splices (Odd-numbered answers are in the back of the
Several answers are possible—here are likely ones.