• Desiree’s Baby Analysis

    Maeghan Rutledge Comp II T & Th 12:30 PM Mr. Thompson March 7, 2019 Armand’s Nonexistent Love for Desiree Kate Chopin’s ironic short story, Desiree’s Baby, begins by explaining that Desiree was found as a small child laying asleep in the shadow of a pillar when Sir Valmonde found her. No one knew who she…
  • Trifles

    Maskell 2 Melissa Maskell EH 123 (ENGL 1023) April 19, 2018 Defense of Mrs. Wright’s action in Trifles. I found this story “Trifles” to be quiet interesting. Though this play may have been written as fictional drama I feel that it really resonates with the abuse that many face even in our day and time….